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Dedicated to honoring a longstanding Family tradition of wholesome cooking, natural ingredients and bold flavors

*Ask about gluten free options

Item:Toasted price:$10
Description:Banana pudding stuffed French toast, seasonal berry compote, warm Maple syrup.
Item:Hammered price:$12
Description:Roasted veggies, seasoned potatoes, sharp cheddar, two eggs, salsa verde and Serrano pepper mayo wrapped in a spinach tortilla.
Item:Loaded price:$12
Description:Eggs, four cheese blend, and green onion served in a toasted sourdough sandwich. Served with a mixed green salad.
Item:Smashed price:$13
Description:Avocado mash, balsamic cherry tomatoes, Serrano pepper mayo, poached egg, toasted Sourdough. Served with a mixed green salad.
Item:Glazed price:$13
Description:Maple glazed pork shoulder, pickled daikon, and Rocoto aioli on toasted Francese. Served with a mixed green salad.
Item:Baked price:$15
Description:Roasted Portobello, sweet potato, roasted potato, seasonal vegetables, quinoa, avocado, poached egg.

Served with a mixed green salad
*can be made vegan

Item:Grilled Cheese price:$10.5
Description:Gruyere, Fontina, White Cheddar on toasted Sourdough.
Item:*Just The Tip price:$12.5
Description:Marinated Portobello layered with avocado, hemp seeds, chili pepper flakes, tomato, Serrano pepper mayo and Havarti on Francese bread.
Item:Al Horno price:$12.5
Description:Roasted chicken, crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and Serrano pepper mayo on Francese bread.
Item:Chancho en Cama price:$13.5
Description:Roasted pork shoulder, charred sweet potato, lime marinated red onion and cilantro, and yellow pepper aioli on Francese bread.
Item:There’s an Egg Involved price:$13.5
Description:Roasted tri-tip, sautéed tomatoes onions and cilantro, Serrano pepper mayo, topped with a fried egg on Francese bread.
Item:Upstream price:$14.5
Description:Roasted salmon salad, pickled cucumber, Serrano pepper mayo and Havarti on toasted Sourdough bread.
A la Cart
Item:Avocado price:$3
Item:Egg price:$3
Item:Fruit price:$5
Item:Potatoes price:$4
Item:Toast price:$2
Item:Tomato price:$3
Item:French Fries price:$3.5
Item:Bacon price:$4
Item:Sausage price:$4
Cold Beverages
Item:Topo Chico Sparkling price:$2.5
Item:Coca-Cola price:$2.5
Item:Sprite price:$2.5
Item:Root Beer price:$2.5
Item:Diet Cola price:$2.5
Item:Almond Milk price:$3
Item:Orange Juice price:$4
Hot Beverages
Item:Herbal Tea price:$5
Hair of the Dog
Item:Brewmosa price:$7
Item:Mimosa price:$9